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Kindergartens in Bishan

There are 14 kindergartens in Bishan, a town which is well connected by public transport.

Out of these 14 kindergartens, 5 are managed by PCF. The rest includes Divinity Kindergarten, Knowledge Frontier Centre and Marymount Kindergarten.
Fee for each term in kindergarten range from about one hundred to seven hundreds dollars a month.
Fee will be different for children of different age. As your child grows during preschool years, the school fee will gradually reduce. This is probably as the child grows, he or she does not need much help from the preschool teacher.
Just yesterday, Singapore government hope to increase the number of preschool vacancy by 40,000. I believe the increase will not be observed in kindergarten as most of the young parents now prefer child care centre which can help to take care of their children during office hours.
If you are interested in the Kindergarten in Bishan, you may refer to Kindergarten in Bishan for more information.

Infant care in Singapore

In Singapore, it is very common that both couples have to work to support families or to fulfil personal ambition. It is also very common that they do not stay with their parents. That is why many couples have to put their children into infant care centres after the maternity leave ends which is usually four months long.


Infant care service is not cheap. At those not-for-profit infant care centre, the infant care service can cost more than one thousand dollars. At those private infant care centre, the fee can be more than 2,000 a month. For some mothers, they are able to earn more than this figure, that is why they choose to put their children in infant care centre.


In some areas in Singapore like Punggol, demand for infant care service is very high. Some parents are not able to secure a place for their little ones. In this year’s national day speech, the prime minister said the government will continue to increase the number of child care centre to cater to the needs of young parents.


One thing that many still worry is that the number of child care or infant care teacher available. Preschool educators do not have a high pay and demand of the job is high, that is why it does not attract many people to join. It is now very common to see preschool educators who are from other countries such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia.


In the past, it was grandfathers or grandmothers who took good care of their grandchildren. Things change drastically. Young couples do not stay with parents and some grandfathers or grandmothers have their own jobs. All these make infant care service indispensable to young parents in Singapore.

Now there are also many couples who hire maids to look after their children. Additional benefit of this option is that the maid can also help to do housework. However, the disadvantage is that maid may not be careful enough to look after small babies.

If you are looking for infant care centre in your area, you may refer to infant care centres in Singapore.


how to select a maid

A maid is supposed to be a helper. However, if you do not choose carefully, the maid can become a headache instead of becoming a helper.


If cost is the top priority, then you may want to go for myanmar maid as the minimum salary of myanmar maid is the lowest among three popuplar choice – myanmar maid, indonesian maid and filipino maid. In one example that i know, the employer just pay $500 a month to get a myanmar maid who also works on weekend without any rest.


Of course, basic salary is just one part of the cost. As a employer, you will have to pay for the food, utility, air tickets to and from their home countries.


For filipino maid, the cost will be much higher, the current minimum salary is $550 with 4 rest day in a week.


For some employers, health condition of the maid is very important for a few reasons. First, in many households, maid will be asked to take care of elderly who may wake up at the night and need some form of help in the wee hours. The maid needs to in good health condition to handle the situation.


Furthermore, it is expensive to see doctor in Singapore if the maid is sick or hospitalized, the cost will be incurred by the employer. Although there is insurance to help, employer may still be needed to pay a significant amount.


Lasty, many maids are requried to handle baby who have a week immune system. If the maid is not healthy, the maid may pass the disease to the baby.


Some parents have highlighted that some of the maid have dental issue. This has many employers hundred or thousands of dollars.


Language is also a problem. It is important for maid to understand employer’s expectation and what employer want. If the employer cannot understand it, conflict may arise.


In general, filipino maid may be better in communicating in English. A check on wikipedia shows that the percentage of population in the Philippine that is able to communicate in English is much higher than the other two countries Myanmar and Indonesia.


Lastly, family status of a maid is also a factor to be considered. For us who needs the maid to look after our children, we select a maid who is married with children.


Source: how to select a maid

Auspicious Chinese Names

Like English names, Chinese names carry parents’wishes towards their children. Parents wish thier children to be successful, to be wealthy, to be honest person, to be handsome or beautiful, to be lucky or to be gentle. For example, “yao(耀)”is commonly used in China, it means shine.

Traditionally, parents ask those scholars, fortune tellers or fengshui masters to give chinese name to their children. Many fortune tellers or fengshui masters are well versed in traditional five elements-metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Based on a child’s birth date, these fortune tellers will be able to tell that the child may lack certain element and will use the name as an opportunity to make up this/these missing element. For example, if one child is found to lack “water”based on his birthday. The name he is going to have usually will carry the water element.

Nowadays, many modern parents ignore these traditional five element because of the trouble and money involved. In some cases, they will need to pay a few hundred dollars if they want to hire a fortune teller to name their child.

Most parents still emphasize on auspicious and name with a good meaning. Name like “rui(瑞)”, “jun(俊)” are popular for boy as they means lucky and handsome respectively. Name like yu(玉), xiu(秀), ting(婷)are popular among parents with baby girls as they means jade, intelligent and beautiful respectively.

Some parents also worry that their children may not be able to write the chinese character, as a result, they choose name with fewer number of strokes so that it is easy for children to write. According to, the number of strokes of chinese name vary from 3 to 19. Traditionally, the number of strokes for each character can be even more.

Source: auspicious Chinese name
Chinese Names For Girl
Chinese Names For Boy

How to boost immune system of your child?

It is common to hear parent saying that their children fall sick very often since starting child care centres or kindergartens. Some parents see the positive side of this and say that it gives their children an opportunity to train their immune system.


One way parents can help their children is to choose a preschool that really take good care of children’s hygiene. For example, preschool teachers and children wash their hands very often. Washing hand can wipe off the bacteria and prevent the spread of bacteria from one person to another person.


At home, parents can help to improve children’ immune system.


If your child have been breastfed, congratulation, your child is more likely to have a stronger immune system. Breastfeeding provides the most natural nutrient source for your baby and also allows the transfer of maternal antibodies that can provide protection against infections and diseases while your infant’s immune system is undergoing maturation.


Prebiotics are a type of non-digestible fibre compound found in nature. They make their way through the stomach without being broken down by gastric acids or enzymes and bring about positive changes in the digestive tract and organs.


Probiotics are good bacteria that reside in the gastrointestinal tract of children. They help the immnue system by fighting harmful bacteria thereby reducing the chances of sicknesses and intestinal disease.


Vaccination is another way that you can protect your child from illness. It is recommended that you follow the schedule recommended by the government agencies. Vaccination can help your child from contacting many types of serious illness, although vaccine itself may have certain side effect such as fever.


Furthermore, parents can help their children in boosting up immune system by providing food that is rich in vitamin or antioxidant. Vitamin and antioxidant can help our body to fend off bacteria and virus. Food that are rich in these substances include vegetables and fruit. Make sure your child eat some vegetable or fruit for each meal.


Lastly, parents can encourage their children to do more exercise. With some exercises and sunlight, your child’s immune system will be enhanced.

Source: How to boost immune system of your child






Is coffee allowed during pregnacy?

First, coffee in general is not a healthy drink for the pregnant women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends limiting your caffeine consumption to fewer than 200 milligrams (mg) per day. Exceeding that amount could pose danger to both expecting mothers and the growing fetus.


Why is it harmful to drink coffee during pregnancy?

All the harmful effect of coffee has to do with the caffeine in the coffee. Other food that is rich in caffeine include tea, chocolate, soft drink.

  1. Coffee can cause an increase the blood pressure.
  2. Coffee can cause more frequent urination. Many pregnant women experience frequent urination due to growing fetus that add pressure to the bladder. Coffee makes it worse as coffee is a diuretic and can cause even more frequent urination
  3. Caffeine and polyphenols makes it harder to absorb iron. When this happens, the pregnant women may experience anemia – a common problem during pregnancy.
  4. In worse situation, coffee may trigger miscarriage and premature birth. A study conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that pregnant women who consumed more than 300mg of caffeine a day were more likely to give birth to babies who were small for their gestational age.
  5. Coffee can cause a change in your baby’s sleep pattern: Remember, caffeine in coffee is a stimulant and can keep both you and your baby awake.


What can you do about drinking coffee during pregnancy?

Decaffeinated coffee is one in which the caffeine content is significantly less. You can safely opt for this healthier type of coffee when you are pregnant.

If withdrawal of coffee causes headache in you, you can consider having one cup of coffee daily.

In conclusion, it is better to avoid coffee and other food or drink that contains caffeine. If you cannot give up coffee completely, you should minimize the consumption to one or two cups a day.


Source: Can I drink coffee during pregnancy?

Foods to increase breast milk

Sources: Foods to increase breast milk supply

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can help a nursing mother to relax. When the nursing mother is in a relaxed mood, her body will release oxytocin which is a hormone involved in breast milk production.

Besides increasing breast milk supply, oatmeal is also known for lowering the cholesterol level and maintaining healthy blood pressure as it is full of fibre.

Oatmeal is available in all stores and supermarkets in Singapore.


2. Carrots

Carrots help to boost the quality of breast milk. In the human’s body, beta carotene will be converted to vitamin A which helps to maintain healthy eyesight for the baby.

However, you should avoid excessive consumption of carrots as allergies to carrot can still occur and your baby may experience a harmless colour change in his or her skin.

Carrots are available in all wet market and supermarkets.



3. Garlic

Garlic is considered one of the best food to increase breast milk.

Garlic has many health benefits. It is good for the digestive tract and heart health. It is also used to treat bacterial and viral infection.

Garlic can be found in all supermarkets, some convenient stores in neighborhood and wet markets.


4. Asparagus

Asparagus is considered as a must-have food for nursing mothers.

It is a high-fibre food and is rich in Vitamin A and K.

It helps stimulate the hormones in nursing mothers that are essential for lactation.

Asparagus is available in all supermarkets and wet markets.


5. Brown rice

It is healthy to eat brown rice while you are breastfeeding.

Firstly, it contains hormone stimulants that boost lactation. Hence, this helps to increase the secretion of breast milk.

Secondly, brown rice contains a chemical that can prevent postnatal depression, hence ensuring that the mother is in a good mood and is able to produce more breast milk.

Lastly, brown rice helps to increase the appetite of nursing mother.

Brown rice is available in supermarkets, Hock Hwa and many other convenient stores.


6. Dates

Many confinement food contains red dates as they improve the breast milk supply.

This is because dates are rich in Tryptophan. Tryptophan supports the chemistry of lactation.

Tryptophan also helps to maintain a healthy level of prolactin in nursing mothers. Prolactin is needed for milk production.

It should be available in supermarkets and Hock Hwa.



7. Fennel

Fennel is believed by lactation consultant to be a galactagogue which is a substance that brings more breast milk for nursing mothers.

Some lactation consultants say that fennel assists with triggering the letdown reflex and therefore helps nursing mothers to increase their breast milk supply.

Moderate consumption of fennel is recommended as excessive consumption may have a negative impact on the breast milk supply.

Fennel may be available in the form of capulse in GNC. Fenugreek can also be purchased in certain wet markets.